Weekly Response 9/17/2012

This past week in class we learned about how much of an impact a teacher can have on a student. Students can be changed if someone creates a positive environment for them and makes them feel like they are worth something. Even when people are born into families that do not offer encouragement, teachers have a responsibility to be a positive role model in that student’s life. Students react in the classroom based on the situations that they deal with in their home lives. It is important for a teacher to know how to handle a multitude of situations. Whether it is a student whose parent is incarcerated or a student who has lost a close member of the family, students deal with a lot of hardship, and they sometimes can’t help but bring their baggage to school.

I learned about a lot of really inspirational people such as Pastor Derrick Johnson who started the CELEB program. It is really incredible to see that people who are often looked down upon in society can really make something of themselves. That is why nobody should judge anybody else based on their backgrounds. What is important is to show people that somebody cares about them and wants to see them succeed!

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